Puerto Banus

Málaga is the nearest airport and now that the new motorway (toll road) is completed Marbella can be reached in 40 minutes.  There is of course Gibraltar too, often overlooked and the journey from Gibraltar to Marbella takes approximately 50 minutes.  The airport is located on the border of Spain and Gibraltar. Crossing the border in a car can sometimes be problematic so it is recommended to walk through the border in order to get a Spanish taxi.  It will only take you five minutes to walk across but remember you have to carry your luggage.

Have you heard of Sky Scanner?  It’s an excellent website that checks all the flights for you in one go.  No more trawling through all the airline websites!  You can search by specific dates, the whole week, month or even the whole year.  There’s a smart phone app too.

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You can book flights online from the UK and Ireland to Málaga through one of the many low cost airlines, for example Easyjet, Jet2, Monarch and Ryanair. 

Easyjet, Monarch, Aer Lingus and FlyBe also have some routes from the UK and Ireland to Gibraltar.

If you wish to book scheduled flights you can travel with British Airways or Iberia.

Easyjet, Ryanair and Air Europa also fly to Malaga from many European cities.

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