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Marbella beach
Marbella beach


Weather records show that the average temperature is 19ºc and the sun shines for 320 days a year with less than 50 days of rain. Rains fall in the winter from November through to February. Given the closeness of Marbella to the deserts of Africa, just across the Mediterranean, residents value every single day of rain however unseasonable it may be!

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Marbella weather

Marbella is situated between the coast and the Sierra Blanca mountain range and so enjoys an unusually pleasant micro-climate. Winds may be buffeting the Straits of Gibraltar just across the bay, flattening the waves in Fuengirola or blowing spray onto the Paseo Maritimo in Estepona but the day will be calm and pleasant in Marbella.  There is endless sunshine in the summer and a mild temperature throughout the rest of the year.  Even in the winter months a light sweater will generally be sufficient.

Marbella is so often overlooked in the winter but it’s a wonderful time of year to visit, especially if you live in Northern Europe where we seem to live under a constant blanket of cloud!  In the winter Marbella is lovely and quiet, the flowers are in bloom and there’s blue skies and sunshine but without the high temperatures.. perfect for playing golf or exploring one of the many cities or villages of Andalucía. 

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For more information on the weather check out the links opposite. Take a peek at one of the WebCams too & see for yourself what the weather is like!

Marbella beach